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My new peccary (South American wild boar hide) gloves in chocolate brown - unlined, snug, extremely soft and very comfortable. They fit better than any other leather gloves I own and I’m looking forward to wearing these for a good many winters to come.

The process of ordering these was very straightforward - Aaron met me with the leather swatch books and sized my hands for the best fit. He currently has swatch books for peccary, lamb, deer and carpincho (the hide of the capybara) and a variety of options for the style as well as the wrist fastening. Altogether, there are about 40 different leathers in a multitude of colours.

I chose the chocolate brown peccary for my pair and they arrived two weeks later.

Disclaimer: It would be shortsighted to proclaim these as the greatest ever gloves that everyone has to have, given that I’ve only just received them. Time will tell and it’s difficult to say how they will age but I’m happy with the quality of the construction and don’t have any concerns at this point.

I’ve been wearing my pair since I got them and needless to say, I’m extremely happy with my choice.

If you would like your own pair, please contact Aaron Cheung ( at

Glove Love.

A very Happy Customer! Thanks G.

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Bravo Sig. Migliarotti!

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I told him the date the new Christian Kimber collection will drop.

I don’t usually drink beer, but when i do, i drink on the balcony! #orazio #pjohnson
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I don’t usually drink beer, but when i do, i drink on the balcony! #orazio #pjohnson

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A.C in his Christian Kimber Pocket Square

Nice Photos 

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Selling Some of my Jackets. Have a Look here! Let me know if you have questions

Wandering Back 
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Wandering Back 

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Old Friend.

Reviving a Gloomy Suit

Saturday #orazio #mattabisch #carmina #thearmoury
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Saturday #orazio #mattabisch #carmina #thearmoury

Mother Father Gentlemen 
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Mother Father Gentlemen